Anti-ageing Injections

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At Vanitè Skin, only our qualified and experienced professional practitioners provide our popular Botulinum Toxin A treatments (Botox®). This is to ensure that all of our patients achieve natural-looking results that complement them as an individual, taking into consideration numerous factors such as bone structure and patient expectations.


What can Botulinum do for you?

Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX®, BOCOUTURE®) is an injectable anti-ageing treatment used to smooth out wrinkles on the Glabellar (the area between your eyes), Frontallis (forehead) and Orbicularis Oculi (crows feet).

If this is your first treatment we offer a free of charge consultation; if you decide to proceed with your botulinum treatment we will give you the minimum amount and you then return a fortnight later for a review.

Vanitè Clinic will offer a complementary top-up, since the amount of injections required varies between patients. On your first visit to the clinic, you’ll have a one-to-one consultation with your practitioner to discuss your plans and the best medical procedure for you. At this meeting, we will discuss the concerns you would like to address and the options, which are available to you.


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