SkinScope Skin Analysis

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New to Vanité Clinic, SkinCeuticals Skin Scope is a skin diagnostic tool, designed to reveal underlying skin concerns before they rise to the surface. Some skin conditions are visible in everyday light, whilst some are only visible under UV light, which highlights sub-surface skin damage.



SkinScope LED Explained

Fluorescence is caused when one radiation wavelength is absorbed by a compound which is reflected back at a different wavelength. Certain compounds excite electrons in molecules that change the wavelength energy such that it converts from shortwave UV light to longer wave visible light.

When a specific range of UV light (320-365nm) illuminates skin, it reacts in different ways based on what it comes in contact with. Melanin absorbs the light showing as an absence of color, but other compounds “excite” follicular fluorescence in the skin, changing the wavelength to colors visible to the human eyes. Based on the visible shades that are reflected back from the skin, characteristic diagnosis can be made.

The benefits are clear:

  • Enhances diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Encourages follow-up engagement through smartphone photography
  • Helps track patient progress
  • Increases service and retail sales


SkinScope Diagnostic Images



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